This is something amazing. device that will change the world.
The last phone produced in the history of mankind in the form of a device.
This device fulfills all functions. From the Full spectrum lab to a full-sized production site.
Everything in one pocket. Endless possibilities.
Only this device is needed to replace all your existing electronic devices and more.
Real AI-x Phone
Real 7D sense voice / sense / smell transmitter
4 waterproof RS speakers
2 waterproof RS mic
2 light atmospheric sensors
2 XD wave transmitter
1 Arm protect, repolarisation cover antenna
2 XD HV Full dimensional holographic projector ( front / back )
2 Real sense XD camera ( front / back )
1 XD Real matter projector
1 Fusion battery of infinity durability
Crystal tech. Lightspeed
Unlimited XD Lnet range connection.
You can listen more in these films in Polish here:

and English: soon
Become a co-owner of the project and participate in prize draws of 7.777£
Prize thresholds:
77,777 - Two prizes of 7,777£ each.
177.777 - Three prizes of 7,777£ each.
Then every next 100,000 more, the next draw of 3 prizes of 7,777£ each.
  The prize draw is made between all the people from supporters list.
This should help wider share this action and fun will be more interesting for anyone and target can be reached faster. The draw will take place on youtube live and link will be available on this site 11,000 before each the threshold is reached.
Each pound is your percentage share in 100% of 33% of share in future income net.

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